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Our Vision

Omedia has an ambition to have the most original and professional vision of the development process. Every project is a new challenge for us, rather than just another product on conveyor. Every single project, done with the highest quality, must be 100% effective for its owner.

First goal is defining the goal

For us website is a complex marketing tool, and not a formal attribute which all companies just have to have. Every tool has its meaning, designated purpose and a goal. So when we start to work on a new project, first of all we distinguish the clear goal and purpose of our upcoming creation.

We create for humans

Our work is based on an ancient saying — treat others as you want to be treated. Websites developed at Omedia are fully user-oriented, made for comfortable and simple surfing. We build websites for people to enjoy their online experience, without wasting time to get used to sites’ complex structure or navigation.

Users ignore websites that ignore users

Every project is unique, but all of them have one thing in common — they are designed for humans. Unfortunately, most of the websites ignore users. They’re built just out of obligation and it’s like such websites require additional skills and efforts from the user to give out the information he/she was looking for. So when website ignores users, users ignore that website as well.

We love web and its standards

Web is a fast growing and developing field. For high quality works we can’t afford staying at one point. We follow world standards, new trends and approaches. We are always the first ones and we do not fear to implement innovative ideas and technologies on local markets. This is the reason of Omedia’s highest quality visual and technological solutions.

Achieving the goal is the most important thing

In today’s world proper semantic code is websites’ main feature. This ensures that search engines will stay loyal towards the final product and website will maintain its purpose on every modern device available. Our sites are the most mobile and accessible, meaning that pages can be accessed from any web-enabled device. Even those users who have web browser with lowest capabilities can get any information from our websites. And we don’t trade this main principle for dynamic and attractive effects, so we use flash and other presentational technologies only by its purpose, when it comes to creating supporting visual elements, which wouldn't interfere with site’s main purpose - providing information for all.