We know, this website is so 2008… New one is coming soon!


Working in a successful, lively and energetic group is a huge pleasure. However, this is the fate of only those who are such themselves.

This is just the type of people our Studio surrounds itself with in the process of growth and development. Omedia’s every achievement is attained by this professional and, more importantly, friendly team.

There are no openings here at the moment. This means nothing, though. The contacts of talented and knowledgeable professionals are of great value to any Studio.

So, if you:

  • Are fluent in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, or
  • Create valid and semantic table-less markup, or
  • Can create the dynamic web-applications in just a few days, or
  • Specialize in the database architecture, or
  • You know php.net and object oriented web programming by heart, or
  • Create high-quality Flash applications, or
  • Draw beautiful sites and love pixel, or
  • Create original logos and corporative stile, or
  • Are the author-illustrator of the impressive peaces, or
  • Have a skill to do practically unnoticed retouching, or
  • Are experienced in printed design, or
  • Create decorative and typographical fonts, or
  • Rise the site at the top positions of the SERP in few weeks, or
  • Just have lots of interesting and perspective ideas —

contact us and tell us about yourself. Omedia may need additional forces any minute.