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Online campaign for the movie Things You Love the Most 2

http://kaikino.com/2/ December, 2009

Exactly one year ago Formula Creative directed the most profitable movie in the Georgian film industry. From the very day of release, “Things You Love the Most” immediately became the favorite New Year comedy of the viewers of all generations. :)

Such success was followed with a rather logical sequel and the new Georgian movie did not fail to live up to its records in movie-theaters this year as well. Once again, “Things You Love the Most 2” narrates the New Year adventures of well-known friends – though this time with a new director, new characters and Tikuna’s renewed breasts.  :)

Just like last year, the movie premier was preceded by a promo-campaign, which did not leave the internet-space beyond its attention. The work was completed by Omedia again.

things you love the most 2

Apart from the official website, the movie “representations” were opened on the most popular social networks – Youtube, Flickr and, of course, Facebook. Traditionally, an exclusive viewing was held, to which the Blogroll bloggers were invited as journalists. :)